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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fundraising Strategies: Recruit Ambassadors

Use this fundraising strategy to raise support from friends of friends.

Recruit 10 or more of your closest friends, donors, family, etc. to serve as you One Hundred Good Wishes ambassadors or advocates. Send them an email by logging into your Good Wishes account and clicking the Email tab. When you use this email form, links to your Good Wishes page are automatically included in your message. You'll also receive a copy of your sent email in your inbox.

Ask your Ambassadors/Advocates to help you by doing the following:

1). Post a link to your Good Wishes page on their Facebook page. (They can do this by going to their Facebook profile page, and writing in their status bar, and attaching a link to your Good Wishes page). Easy, right?!

2). Help share your story by clicking on "Spread the Word", located above your picture on your Good Wishes Page, emailing 10 of their closest friends, co-workers, family to ask if they would consider supporting your adoption journey. When they use the "Spread the Word" button, the email automatically contains a link to your Good Wishes page. They can customize their message or use the one provided. You'll receive a copy of the emails sent from this "Spread the Word" tool.

3). If any of your Ambassadors have a blog, ask them to feature your cause in one of their blog posts. Your friends and ambassadors can also publish your banner to their blogs. Just send them the HTML code listed in the Tools tab.

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